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Rainbow Announcment

someone wanted me stop talking... so I wrote him a song... with a melody! roll down for the recording!


So a man told me I dance beautifully - and my ego was like - yay!

He continued, saying he likes how I sing - yes! My ego pleased

But talking, he got on,(starts singing) it's better not

(Talking) And I thought


Maybe he's right, this man he has some confidence

Maybe it's best to do as he wants

So the the message is clear I announce this here

From now on only melodies and rhymes X2

Today I wish to sing of Mother Nature

Gaya's black blood is meant to be kept inside

I don't wish us to clear the whole atmosphere

We Just want this heaven to keep on thrive x2

We shall begin our sad story not long ago

Your grandmothers don't remember but they were alive

The big world war 2 ended and so are war factories

What shall they do their extra might? X2

Oil industry oil Industry Oil industry

They spread petroleum around

Oil industry oil Industry Oil industry

Now there's no where to hide

Colgate toothpaste contains polaxamor 407

Dr.fishers sunscreen has oxibanzon

Fancy perfumes or simply liquid synthetic chemicals

Synthetic or simply oil crap

When they say non soap they do really mean it

SLS the king of Ltd. Superpharm

Smelly forever deodorant makes me wanna vomit

Maybe because of the arosol inside

There are bigger forces

Hard to blame someone

Corporations love their profits large x2

Now What shall we do, what to do with this toxins

For nature, it's better toxic products and their containers be banned

For now, for now, in this reality

I can only ask

Ask You will find shops that do less harm

Plike nitsat haduvdevan

The story this horror story

This horror story is coming to an end

If you heard all of this

And you still don't wanna do it

Mabey Better find yourself some other festival

Because this is rainbow

We are healers

We are healers

Healers of our time

Heal the soil

Heal the water

Heal them


They're healing hearts

Rainbow Announcment
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שיר שנכתב בריינבו אביב, אפריל 2023


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